In 1958...

at eleven years of age, I spotted an old folding camera in a camera shop window. After saving the $5 needed, I bought it and started taking pictures (when I could afford film).

Although working with film cameras and processing photos a darkroom was satisfying, the advent of digital photography revitalized my passion.

In the last 15 years, I have especially enjoyed landscape photography and also dog photography, inspired by Dougglass my wonderful border collie companion.

Digital technology has brought the opportunity to capture, process and print images with tonal range, colour depth, dynamic range and resolution unattainable only a decade ago.

In 2013 I started to produce ultra-high-resolution images (400-to-1200 megapixels) for These images are also available as amazingly detailed, fine-art prints.

I am continually working to improve my skills and knowledge with the goal producing the highest quality images and prints possible.

All photos are captured using current, very high-resolution, professional cameras and lenses, processed to provide optimal image quality and printed using the very best quality papers, inks and techniques.

Larger fine-art prints are provided professionally matted and ready for framing and offered in strictly limited numbers, signed and dated.

Thank you for visiting this website.


Donn Petelka